Emergency Messaging System for Business Continuity Professionals

Easy to use, reliable notification system with 24/7 customer support, and 20+ years of experience.

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Flexible, Reliable, & Easy To Use

When a crisis hits, your people will rely on you for quick, effective communication—
and you can rely on CogniSent. We’ve got you covered.

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Quick Message Management


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Filter Urgent Items


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Secure HIPAA Compliant Messaging


Powerful Features

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Multi-Operating System

Compatible with Android and iOS.

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Encrypted Messaging

Safely encrypted on servers,
devices, and in transit.

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Secure HIPAA Compliant Messaging

Login and Password required for all message retrieval. Rest assured your messages are safe and secure and HIPAA compliant.

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Message Filtering

Need to see only messages still escalating? Use our Filter feature.

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Message Query

Need to find a message from a client from two weeks ago? Don’t waste time scrolling through messages, use our Query feature.

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